Sunday, 13 October 2013

Feelin' Dandy

My first ever beauty post... Probably because I'm the least makeup person ever; a bit of foundation, mascara, eyeliner and bronzer or blush does me fine! But as it was my 16th birthday on wednesday my generous auntie, who as well as getting me the Gentlemen of the Road tickets, also treated me to this lovely little Benefit set! 
The set includes, 'posietint', 'High beam', blush and a lip gloss. It also has a 'tips and Tricks' little booklet, which is ideal for clueless people like myself as it gives a step by step guide of how to apply it all so it looks how it should look. My personal favourite part of the set is the High Beam cream as it gives the most gorgeous glow on my cheeks and it makes me look slightly less miserable on a dull school day. I will definitely be purchasing a proper bottle of it when it runs out! The only downside to the set is that it makes me look a bit too pink, and with my baby face, it's not always the most flattering look, but I balance this out by adding a little more High Beam so I don't walk out the house looking like barbie...
I was going to post some before and after photos but my skin/hair/face was not co-operating, so I decided it was best if no one had torture of seeing those.
Hope everyone is good, since it was my 16th on wednesday I have had a lovely week eating cake, receiving presents and eating more cake... Back to the gym for me :-(



  1. The High Beam is one of my favorites... gives such a nice glow!

    Lady à la Mode

  2. I have always been such a sucker for the Benefit packaging. I swear by high beam. It is probably one of the best I have tried. I think I would be so happy if I received this as a gift x

  3. i love benefit !! its soo good ! the highlighters are amazing as well
    Love your post

    Irena xx

  4. I have this boxset and I absolutely love high beam. Swear by it! Great review. I'm your newest follower :) If you're ever passing through mine do say hi! Megan xx

    L I T T L E R E N A U L T

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  6. omg cant get over how beautiful Benefit product packaging is!
    This is so gorgeous thanks for the review, I WIll check out high beam as well ^^


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