Friday, 25 October 2013

Red Cups and Sweaty Body's Everywhere

Bralet- Forever 21
Skirt- RiverRiver Island
Boots- Topshop

I can't really take credit for this outfit, considering the only part I actually own are the boots... The rest of the outfit is my beautiful bestfriend Holly's (@hollymarks_), who also took the photos! Although I am now the rightful owner to this kimono, which I bought off her, aha. I love that it adds some vibrancy to quite a dull outfit,  and Kimono's have been everywhere recently, Miss Guided are currently selling some particularly nice ones. I wore this outfit to a party last week and have been meaning to blog it since last sunday, but school work has taken over my life and I feel like it will be that way until the end of June, which is obviously wonderful in every aspect... Thank goodness it's half term, a week away from school is just what I need!

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Lavish Alice Wishlist

Lavish Alice Wishlist

The Lavish Alice style off competition is the perfect way to share what I love this A/W.I've also never really entered a competition like this in the blogging world, so this one is the perfect place to start! I chose to keep the wishlist to neutral tones as this really represents a true A/W wardrobe. As you can probably tell I am loving tartan, a massive trend this season, particularly the wrap/pencil skirt, as I think the shape of the skirt gives the classic pattern a modern edge. Something else I am longing for is a leather or 'pleather' pencil skirt, not only have they been seen on the catwalk, but one of my style icons, Kylie Jenner was seen sporting one! I've never worn a jumpsuit like the one in the corner, but I'm dying to try one on as they are such a simple yet bold piece of clothing. I love how Lavish Alice have very minimalist shapes with bold prints, it is definitely in keeping with my style. Plus they have included the ever popular 90's trend into their clothes, which is always a winner for me, basically because it will most likely have something that incorporates my clueless obsession! (Did anyone watch it on film 4 last sunday?!)  

Want to take part??????
Step 1: Create a Lavish Alice Wishlist on your blog, with images connecting through to the Lavish Alice category page.  
Step 2: Sit back and relax! The LA team will then pick 5 bloggers at random.
Step 3: LA will send all 5 bloggers the same item to style for their blog
Step 4: LA will then pick the best styled images and the winner will receive a £50 LA gift voucher! 

Good luck and have a great weekend 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Feelin' Dandy

My first ever beauty post... Probably because I'm the least makeup person ever; a bit of foundation, mascara, eyeliner and bronzer or blush does me fine! But as it was my 16th birthday on wednesday my generous auntie, who as well as getting me the Gentlemen of the Road tickets, also treated me to this lovely little Benefit set! 
The set includes, 'posietint', 'High beam', blush and a lip gloss. It also has a 'tips and Tricks' little booklet, which is ideal for clueless people like myself as it gives a step by step guide of how to apply it all so it looks how it should look. My personal favourite part of the set is the High Beam cream as it gives the most gorgeous glow on my cheeks and it makes me look slightly less miserable on a dull school day. I will definitely be purchasing a proper bottle of it when it runs out! The only downside to the set is that it makes me look a bit too pink, and with my baby face, it's not always the most flattering look, but I balance this out by adding a little more High Beam so I don't walk out the house looking like barbie...
I was going to post some before and after photos but my skin/hair/face was not co-operating, so I decided it was best if no one had torture of seeing those.
Hope everyone is good, since it was my 16th on wednesday I have had a lovely week eating cake, receiving presents and eating more cake... Back to the gym for me :-(


Sunday, 6 October 2013

I have a Topshop addiction.

Jacket- H&M
Top/Shirt- Topshop
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- Topshop
Rucksack- Newlook

My outfit today is a representation of my Topshop addiction. If you know my town, you will know that at the most there is five decent shops; Topshop is at the top of that limited number of shops! But it is definitely a shops close to my heart, that has the power of rinsing my bank in minutes... 
The boots are my newest purchase, which I think is £40 well spent and worth the pain of walking all day in them. Also just to mention Topshop 'mom jeans', I bought these a few weeks ago and must say they are one of my better buys, I much prefer them to American Apparel 'easy jeans' as they don't highlight every lump and bump on my body, specifically my tummy... Infact I'm thinking of my buying the same pair but in black!

I hope everyone is getting all there A/W purchases they want, I am looking out for the perfect cropped roll neck top- I love the turtle neck trend!!
Please feel free to comment :-)