Friday, 11 January 2013

AS IF! Clueless inspired Wild Fox Collection.

As I have already done a blog post for my love of the film Clueless (or maybe obsession)  I thought it seem only appropriate to share my new found love for the S/S 13 Wildfox Collection; totally based around the ultimate chick flick Clueless.

The clothes have a 90's theme (obviously) featuring over sized jumpers with shirts underneath paired with, just like in the film, plaid skirts and knee high socks. The designs scream Clueless and reflect why the film was and still is so idolized by anyone with a love for clothes and fashion. I also love how the outfits fit so perfectly into the iconic scenes of the film yet are updated to give a 2013 modern twist.

This blog is overloaded with photos from the Wildfox Look Book purely because there are so many beautiful shots and beautiful clothes that I just couldn't miss out. My favorite photo is the one where they are doing sports at school, as it's one of my favorite scenes, I also love the one where Cher is surrounded by clothes and doesn't have anything to wear, basically because it reminds me of my self! Wildfox show how having a well thought out theme for the collection and photo shoot scenes makes the clothes memorable and it means you talk about them. I personally wasn't aware of the brand Wildfox until this collection (I probably shoul be... woops) but am now a big fan of their clothes.

Remember to comment and tell me your favorite shots :-)



  1. Oh this collection is perfect! I want to print all the pictures out and wallpaper my room with them they're so wonderful!
    If only i could afford wildfox

  2. When I saw the first shot, I immediately screamed Clueless!! Wildfox has outdone themselves again. x

    Tanya from Cats and Clothing
    P.S. Please check out my first giveaway! :)

  3. I adore this collection , clueless is one of my fave ever films xx

  4. This is one of my favourite clothing collections! So retro and feminine. Would you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin? Let me know if you do and I promise to follow you back:)

    Lill from The Rustyhead

  5. I love the yellow jacket and suit with the white knee high socks. Clueless is such a great movie and the fashion was so fun. Great post xx

  6. CLUELESS is my fav movie!!! I love this!

  7. Ah what a wicked collection, I love it!!
    My fave is definitely the matching pink and yellow outfits with knee highs! x

  8. Wow, I love these photos. Clueless is such a great film :)

  9. ohh i love the new collection, your blog is lovely, keep up the good work :)


  10. lovely blog!

    Do you want to follow each other? :)

    xx ♥


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