Sunday, 2 December 2012

Oh the weather outside is frightful.

Um, so, where do I begin? I feel as a blogger I've basically fallen off the face of the earth. The only post I've  done in the last month is about music, and as a girl that adores blogging and fashion, this makes me rather sad. I promise to update as frequently as possible from now on. I think I've been getting caught up in school work, this is sad I know, but consequently I am actually doing okay for once.

I have bought a few new pieces recently, so watch-this-space, ha. On this cold Sunday I will be sharing an outfit that, for me, is a typical Christmas day outfit, and as it is finally December it feels appropriate. A 'typical Christmas day outfit' for me is something that is dressy and cute but also comfy for watching TV! Usually I'll wear something I got from 'Santa', who happens to have amazing taste in fashion, who knew?? For some reason I'm particularly excited for Christmas and I have no idea why, I'm just very enthusiastic about the whole thing.

I guess I should talk about my outfit now... Well starting with the scarf- nothing special, just a cheap buy at a price I can't remember from Beyond Retro. I love the floral print and contrasting colors, very 40's. Secondly the jumper- I only just purchased this from Topshop yesterday for just £15! It was originally £26, but I guess it wasn't very popular as there were loads. I really like the versatility of it and you can never go wrong with a slouchy jumper in winter. Next my leather skater skirt, a staple piece, also very versatile, it can dress up a simple tee and the skater style adds femininity, especially if you're feeling girly and don't want to wear jeans! And it was only £20 from River Island, which is totally worth it as it will get worn again and again and again! The boots, my twinnies birthday present, that I like to wear...  They are comfy and will quite literally go with anything, also from Topshop. Finally the bag, also from Topshop, was a christmas present a few years ago, which I still love and I feel it has a very Chanel vibe- chic and sophisticated ;)

Just to say, I'm not the best at posing for photos and also the camera quality is shit (sorry Eloise, my 'photographer').  So yep, I just hope you like the outfit :-)

Scarf- Beyond Retro
Jumper, Boots and Bag- Topshop
Skirt- River Island

THANKYOU! Remember to comment guys, it always means a lot :-)

Helena-Mae xxxxxx


  1. love your outfit! xx

  2. your so cute, I love your outfit XD


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