Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Music I like.

Hello blog readers. I'm  happy to tell you I have something I want to write. I really do know what they mean by 'writers block'.  As an aspiring journalist I've really wanted to write about something other than my outfits on here, but I haven't had any ideas of what to, it's probably my lack of creativity. So for a different kind of post I will share with you some of my favorite music, bands and artists.

Firstly I think you should know that I have a very eclectic taste in music, and by eclectic I mean I will literally listen to ANYTHING, as long as I like it. This is probably due to my addiction to Radio 1, where they definitely play all sorts of music. So I won't be sharing with you a bunch of 'unknown, up and coming artists' to make myself look credible, no, just what I enjoy.

1. One Direction.

I cannot deny my love for One Direction. I've been a fan from the beginning and continue to be so (I'M SEEING THEM IN FEBRUARY). One Direction are the first boy band I have ever taken a liking too and I don't know what it is about them, they're just very, very lovable and create catchy music, I particularly love their new song 'Little Things'. Oh and they happen to be very attractive, in my opinion anyway. 

2. Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sande is one of those artists where you can instantly tell she is passionate about music. Although she wears some beautiful clothes, she keeps it simple and focuses on the music and lyrics she is singing,  who needs nice clothes when you have her voice and song writing skills?! She is kind of a family favorite in the Evison household, my mum, sister  and I adore her. I love the fact there are artists like her and Adele and others  out there who are recognized purely for their talent (unlike a certain Cheryl...). 

3. The xx

I only discovered The xx when I heard the song 'Angels' by them on Radio 1 a few months ago, and ever since I often find myself listening to their albums on Spotify. Their deep tones and clever lyrics leave me feeling relaxed and calm, which is perfect. 

4. Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg is also an artist I discovered through Radio 1, and I personally think he is brilliant. He definitely deserves more recognition as his music is so different from anything else currently out there. He has a very retro style, you'd almost think you were listening to something from 40 or so years ago, yet he is timeless and he  goes for that very on trend 'Mod' look. His songs are unique so he is definitely worth listening to. 

5. Little Mix

I watch X Factor every year and last year was no different, when Little Mix were created I instantly fell in love with them. Their style, their voices, their harmonies, everything about them is brilliant. I've always been to young for the whole Girl Power/ Spice Girl thing, so when Little Mix came along I felt like there was a girl band that stood up for that sort of thing that I can relate to! Plus there music is AMAZING. 

Hope you enjoyed this different blog post. Comment if you have any music to recommend to me as I love finding new music!



  1. Emeli Sande has to be my favourite off your list. Her performances at the Olympics were so so beautiful.

    Lindsey. x

  2. Great list,I love Jake Bugg and the xx :) <3


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