Sunday, 21 October 2012

Crop Field

Hello to everyone reading. If anyone is reading... Ha. I hope everyone's weekend has been good, because mine has! Yesterday I went to the fair with my friends, which obviously was fun, because fairs are of course always fun! Does that sound childish? Actually it doesn't matter because I am still a child, well only one more year in terms of paying for things, wah. But yes still very much a child. The only bad thing  about the fair was  that the rain was hideous, my hair was drenched and over all I looked like a, I hate to use this over used term but it states the truth, drowned rat. I just hate hate hate English weather, the only way to describe it would be: Depressing.

Carrying on with the word 'Depressing', today me and my twinny, helped our bezzie mate (Hols) with her photography, which she does for gcse, and the theme: DEATH. I know full of flowers and rainbows and nice fluffy things, naaaat. We did have fun though, walking through crop fields and what not (Hence the title). I shall include some photos, because i feel that's easier than describing what we did to represent death, I mean I'm not sure how much fun I could have describing death, no no no.

We also got to take some photos for me blog. Yay. Love blogging loads, no really, I do. It was a  very very casual look today, as we were walking in a muddy, cold field, so practicality came to mind as well, unfortunately. I am wearing a lovely new woolly jumper from Topshop, of course. I think I need to shop in a variety of shops or I fear my style could become samey, which would become very tedious for a blog full of outfit posts. Comment some different shops if you want, it'd be really helpful as I have some birthday money waiting patiently to be spent. Wooooo. Enjoy the photos and the 'Death' ones are mostly of my sister by the way, don't get confusedd!!

Outfit post:


Jumper: Topshop
Levi Shorts: Vintage, from Urban Outfitters
Scarf: Beyond Retro
Necklace: Topshop
Flatforms: River Island

'Death Photos':

All taken by my lovely friend Holly!

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  1. i love your slouchy jumper! also, loving the photos :D x


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