Sunday, 14 October 2012


Hello! It's been so long since I've done a blog post I feel like I've forgotten how to use this thing. It's not because I've been busy,  it's just I've been kind of tired...and lazy. Which is bad as this is meant to be a regular thing. Oh well.

It is now October, without question my favorite month of the year. Firstly because it was my birthday on Tuesday 9th and I turned the grand old age of 15! Only two more years until I can drive and 3 before I become an adult, which in a way scares me. Oh and I can now get into 15 rated films. Yay. And October means Autumn and I love Autumn! The golden brown leaves, Halloween, the first few open fires, cold walks. Everything about Autumn is perfect. I hope everyone loves it just as much as me.

Obviously today I've gone for an autumnal feel. The dress I'm wearing is my twinnies, bought from Topshop yesterday, and I've borrowed, because I like it (Perks of being a twin). It's very versatile and will go with pretty much anything, which is perfect for someone my age who has no choice but to style my clothes in every way possible. I have had this jacket for a while now and, although they have been criticized as  being too 'hipster', I still love it and thing it's great for layering in the chilly winter months.The shoes were a birthday present from my parents, I really love them as I've wanted shoes in a creeper style for quite a while but, as usual, have been too scared to buy them. I'm so bad at being adventurous with my clothes! But anyway I love them and think they shall be the perfect addition to lots of my outfits, so expect them too crop up in many posts...

(I like Topshop)
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  1. Happy birthday! hehe! your outfit here is perfect, would love to own it! also loving your hair :D x


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