Sunday, 30 September 2012

Clueless and Alexa chung!

Hello, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I know I have, as on Friday we had an inset day so I got an extra day to sleep in! This makes me very happy indeed. Other than a meal out with friends I haven't really done much, I just get so tired from school!

My outfit post this week is a style I don't feel I have ventured into very much before. I think it is kind of preppy with an Alexa Chung vibe. I absolutely adore Alexa Chung's style probably because she wears it so effortlessly and always gets it right. For me personally her style is hard to pull because of her incredible figure! Any way the photos haven't come out too well, but I hope you can get an idea of that preppy 90's style I was trying to achieve.
The jumper I am wearing is something I bought last winter but hardly wore it as whenever I did I just felt frumpy. Also I never wore it with the right clothes, so it is definitely something I will be trying with many different items of clothing this A/W. The skirt or 'skorts'  are from Beyond Retro and I feel like it's something you'd see in my favorite film Clueless, also it's very flattering! Maybe I should do an outfit post with something where you can see them better...

Sunglasses- Fake RayBan's from Turkey
Shirt (Under jumper)- H&M
Jumper- Topshop
Converse- Ebay

Enjoy and comment- I'd love some opinions and feedback


  1. Awesome outfit and I love the skirt,

    Chloe xo

  2. ooh the jumper and collar defiantly have an alexa vibe to them.
    love your converse too x

  3. Hello Helena-Mae !
    Your blog is so nice. Found it via IFB and decided to follow !
    Hope you can take a look at mine and maybe follow if you want

  4. you look like alexa's double! :) xx

  5. Hey,

    I also found your blog on IFB, and decided to follow as it's really cool. You can definitely see you're channeling the Alexa Chung look, love this outfit:)




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