Saturday, 15 September 2012

Back to school

HALLOOO! It feels like years since I last did a blog post, I miss it. But I had some really kind comments last post, it really flatters me considering all the other incredible blogs on here, thank you!
     I have been back at the jail, sorry I mean school, since last Thursday. I am enjoying my new time table with my GCSE options- I chose History, Textiles, French and Business. They are all good so far, although I think I will probably regret taking French. Also I'm not enjoying the sudden influx of homework I have been plummetted with, giving me less time for blogging. Sigh.

Running with the school theme. The shirt I am wearing in this outfit is one of my many average, cotton, white, M&S school shirts. To be honest I love it. They're so versatile, one day your wearing a shirt to school next shopping in Brighton. Plain white shirts also go very well over things like dungarees and pretty dresses. They can give a very Alexa Chung vibe, my favorite kind of vibe.
The other thing I like in this out-fit is the cross, jeweled necklace. I love how my mum bought it years ago for her self with out any intentions of it being a particular fashion item, yet here I am now  using it as just that and not having to pay the ridiculous amount you would at Topshop. I also use  loads of my mums scarves from back in the nineties, which shall definitely be featuring in some future autumn/winter outfit posts! I think it gives an outfit some kind of depth wearing something from a long time ago and because it's my mums it feels even more special. The rest of the pieces from this outfit are pretty boring, but together I think it's a little bit different from the average, boring outfit.

Remember comment, it only pushes me to do better blog posts.
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Helena xxxxx


  1. i love this outfit! the shirt is fab with that gorgeous necklace! and i'm loving your skirt :) x

  2. Such a cool outfit and your necklace is gorgeous!


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