Sunday, 30 September 2012

Clueless and Alexa chung!

Hello, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I know I have, as on Friday we had an inset day so I got an extra day to sleep in! This makes me very happy indeed. Other than a meal out with friends I haven't really done much, I just get so tired from school!

My outfit post this week is a style I don't feel I have ventured into very much before. I think it is kind of preppy with an Alexa Chung vibe. I absolutely adore Alexa Chung's style probably because she wears it so effortlessly and always gets it right. For me personally her style is hard to pull because of her incredible figure! Any way the photos haven't come out too well, but I hope you can get an idea of that preppy 90's style I was trying to achieve.
The jumper I am wearing is something I bought last winter but hardly wore it as whenever I did I just felt frumpy. Also I never wore it with the right clothes, so it is definitely something I will be trying with many different items of clothing this A/W. The skirt or 'skorts'  are from Beyond Retro and I feel like it's something you'd see in my favorite film Clueless, also it's very flattering! Maybe I should do an outfit post with something where you can see them better...

Sunglasses- Fake RayBan's from Turkey
Shirt (Under jumper)- H&M
Jumper- Topshop
Converse- Ebay

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hiyaaa. It is time for another outfit post! After a boring week at school  and a ridiculous amount of homework it is nice to choose a nice out and chilllllllll! This week I wore my outfit to watch the Production 'Blood Brothers' at the Mayflower in Southhampton . It was absolutely brilliant and incredibly emotional, I'd recommend it to anyone. 

I also want to mention the infamous London Fashion Week, yes it did finish quite a few days ago. Obviously I didn't attend any shows, hopefully I will if I have a career in fashion, but I watched some shows live from the internet- A great feature where they stream the shows live. I adored House of Holland's 90's grunge collection. Of course I loved Topshop Unique's collection with the gorgeous shift dresses teamed with cute round neck jumpers, and my favorites were the over sized leather jackets, they're the perfect touch to any out-fit. I predict we'll be seeing a lot of silk next S/S, which was also feautred in Felder Felder's beautiful collection, and many shift dresses teamed with a hing of grunge.

Finally, my outfit. The reason for the title, the reason for the post. So basically the shoes I've worn in the majority of my outfit posts I think, ha. They go with everything and I have a limited selection of shoes as I am a penny-less 14, going on 15 year old. But I am getting creeper style shoes for my birthday, so watch this space...Okay The scarf and the dress both old items, although I only bought the jacket a few weeks ago it's from Beyond Retro, so I'm assuming it's quite a few years old. The scarf however my mums, but it is now mine. It is a scarf that will literally never go out of fashion, I believe any way. And it if you feel like your out fit is boring then by adding a scarf it can add a touch something. The dress, from Topshop, is just a plain black number but perfect for over accessorizing! And again apologies for my strange facial expressions, I'm really not photogenic.  

Also you may have noticed I have changed my blog a bit, I have embedded a few links. Purely because I have finally worked out how! To be honest I will probable change my blog around until I am completely happy with it!

Sunglasses- H&M
Denim Jacket- Beyond Retro
Scark-My wonderful mummy!

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Spring time...

Back to school

HALLOOO! It feels like years since I last did a blog post, I miss it. But I had some really kind comments last post, it really flatters me considering all the other incredible blogs on here, thank you!
     I have been back at the jail, sorry I mean school, since last Thursday. I am enjoying my new time table with my GCSE options- I chose History, Textiles, French and Business. They are all good so far, although I think I will probably regret taking French. Also I'm not enjoying the sudden influx of homework I have been plummetted with, giving me less time for blogging. Sigh.

Running with the school theme. The shirt I am wearing in this outfit is one of my many average, cotton, white, M&S school shirts. To be honest I love it. They're so versatile, one day your wearing a shirt to school next shopping in Brighton. Plain white shirts also go very well over things like dungarees and pretty dresses. They can give a very Alexa Chung vibe, my favorite kind of vibe.
The other thing I like in this out-fit is the cross, jeweled necklace. I love how my mum bought it years ago for her self with out any intentions of it being a particular fashion item, yet here I am now  using it as just that and not having to pay the ridiculous amount you would at Topshop. I also use  loads of my mums scarves from back in the nineties, which shall definitely be featuring in some future autumn/winter outfit posts! I think it gives an outfit some kind of depth wearing something from a long time ago and because it's my mums it feels even more special. The rest of the pieces from this outfit are pretty boring, but together I think it's a little bit different from the average, boring outfit.

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Staple Shorts

Hello! Just a short outfit post of what I wore to a meal, at the gorgeous Italian Prezzo's. I enjoyed a creamy Carbonara and a mouth watering Lemon Drizzle cake with a hot chocolate. A lot of carbs, I know- but hey I went on a run today and should be tomorrow...

Carrying on. The reason for my title is because, well,  this is actually a little embarrassing. Basically the shorts I am sporting in this post are the same as my last post. So I thought, 'How can I cleverly turn this around to make me look like I don't wear the same clothes everyday?' And my answer... These are my staple shorts, they're plain and flattering, they go with everything and anything. So it's just like wearing the same pair of jeans! I hope someone understands where I'm coming from. God help me.

khaki jacket- Topshop
Cropped Shirt- River Island
Cream silk shorts- H&M
Black Ankle Boots- Tesco (F&F)... Don't knock it until you've tried it.