Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What I've been up to...

My dad has finally bought myself and sister, Eloise, a laptop each, which I am very pleased with! I can upload photos onto my blog which I'm very excited about as I, hopefully, it will mean I do regular outfit posts. 
But for now as i can upload photos I have to decided to share some of the events through out this year!

Jubilee Street Party

French trip with the school

A trip to London

A weekend in London and the...OLYPMPICS!

 Entering the Olympic Park...

 The famous stadium

The hockey outdoor arena

I hope you enjoyed these random photos. I shall be posting again in, probably, just over a weeks time to share with you my holiday photos in Portugal. I'm going tomorrow! But for now I shall enjoy the men's gymnastic. I'm a little bit obsessed with anything to do with the Olympics since being there. It's an incredible atmosphere and an amazing experience which I shall remember forever. And the park is really lovely. I feel so fortunate to have gone. Any comments or opinions are welcome as always.
Helena xxxxxx


  1. Looks like you had a great time in London and I hope you have a great holiday, I'm going away tomorrow as well sunshine here I come,

    chloe xo

  2. So many uneeded full stops in the last paragraph and the editing of the photos is over done and looks cheap, but other than that good :)
    From Eloise your twin x x


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