Saturday, 11 August 2012

One summer day

I have recently arrived home from what I would describe as a brilliant and hilarious holiday in Portugal. I went with my twin sister, Eloise, my best friend, Holly, and her parents. The majority of the time we stared at very good looking boys.. I mean people watched and lounged by the pool.

 I would like to share with you my very first 'what I'm wearing' post. I have gone with a simple look but in keeping with my style- a hint of grunge with vintage accessories here and there and staple pieces.  This for me is a casual summer outfit- maybe not with the socks but I wanted to add a little twist so it's not boring. 
I don't have the confidence to be daring so adding little things like the socks help me  create a more unique style. As I grow up and start blogging more outfit posts I hope my style evolves into something bolder and more daring and I become more confident in the outfits I wear or want to wear. But for now I shall carry on creating outfits I might not necessarily wear out but still love to wear around the house!

Cross pattern shot sleeve Top-Topshop
High waisted shorts- New Look
Brogue wedges- A shop in Brighton Lanes which I don't know!
Round vintage style sunglasses- H&M
Socks- also New Look
Ring- Found in a stall whilst at a charity cricket match

Thank-you for viewing! Comments are appreciated. 
Helena xoxox

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  1. Photography by me, Helenas Twin sister :)


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