Thursday, 30 August 2012


Ummmmmmm.... So this post is probably one of the most random, especially as it is quarter past eleven at night (Way past my bed time!!) at this very moment.
So yep I got a bit bored and thought, 'Why not share my INCREDIBLE 'gifs' with the few, beautiful, people that read my blog'. Please don't stop reading my blog because of this pointless post, it will get better!    I hope. 
My cat missy- she's gorgeous but doesn't like photos, she likes mice......

I'm holding a basket ball because it looks kinda kooky. I'm joking, it look ridiculous.

Posing at the beaut Kew Gardens babyyy!

My cousin thinks she's funny.

 I also think I'm funny.

Hope you enjoyed and for me, good night beauties.
Helena xxxx


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