Monday, 27 August 2012

Denim, Hooters and flatforms.


Hello! So if anyone is wondering (I assume no one is but shall use this obvious and tedious sentence starter any way) as to why I have been posting a lot, it is because I haven't had a lot to do... Basically it's that time of the six week holiday where you realize how long six weeks is, and how stupidly you've handled your money to cover the long weeks. So blogging Has become my new day filler, plus I really, really enjoy it. To be frank I'm not even that concerned that hardly any one views it. It's just enjoyable and fun. 

Carrying on. WHO LIKES MY NEWBACKGROUND?! Lets just say with the power of the long lived programme 'Paint' anything is possible, plus being able to create one of those 'Gif' thingy's also helps. 

Now I am actually going to type something to do with the topic of this post.. incredible I know!! So this is my second outfit post, and I believe this outfit is more in-keeping with my personal style. My last outfit post was a little boring and because it was my first I think played it too safe. Although I'm not saying this is a very risky outfit. I like it because it's not too girly, nor is it a depressing, grungy outfit.

The shorts, from H&M, are a chic touch whilst the rest of the outfit is very casual. The Jacket is a recent purchase, from Beyond Retro, and something I've wanted for ages because of the effect it can give to a boring outfit and it's also very practical for a British summer! The Top was a gift from my cousin, who has just returned from an American exchange in Tennessee, Nashville. I kind of love Hooters tops, they're fun yet still make a really cool outfit and who cares if the girls that work there are, lets say, distasteful! I now have a Miami round neck Hooters jumper and the top i'm wearing... I'm thinking of collecting. Finally the 'Flat-forms' are also a recent purchase. From River Island, they are brilliant and although they look very similar to the popular 'Vans' the platform, or 'flat-form' give it some edge and are also very flattering to my ugly legs!!

Sorry about the effect on the white, especially my shoes. Oh and some of my strange poses, not sure what was going through my head when I did them. But thank-you for viewing.
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Helena xxxxx


  1. i luv the photos and the shirt - oa

  2. love the outfit, you look amazing!! love the blog, followed!!xx


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