Sunday, 12 August 2012


I am an avid cake maker. And have been forever. I used to love making cakes with my mum! Although, I didn't do much making, more licking the bowl. But I always loved the final out-come of a cake and how it starts as slop and turns into a beautiful sponge! Now I make cakes at least once a week and genuinely find it really therapeutic. I love listening to Radio 1 whilst baking.

Anyway. I have recently purchased some piping to ice my cakes with and yesterday I gave them a go! I found them quite difficult to use so I will need to carry on practicing until my cakes are perfect! Here is the cake with the best outcome.

 I also thoroughly recommend this baking recipe book by Lorraine Pascal called 'Baking Made Easy'. I received it as a gift but i'm sure they sell it in shops such WHsmiths and super markets etc. It is definitely baking made easy and I love it. It's great for trying recipes you've never made before.
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  1. I loved Lorriane Pascal's TV shows!
    I like your Cath kidson mug too :)


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