Thursday, 23 August 2012

Brick Lane

I love you.

Heyyyyya. So for the last couple of weeks I've been doing a bit of of this and that. Clearly I've been to Brick Lane, or I just decided to write Brick Lane for laffs???? No. Here are a few snappieeees......Not just in Brick Lane

 Beyond Retro is my favorite vintage clothing shop. I've been to the one in Brighton and Brick Lane- obvs and both have so much to offer, with such a  variety of clothes and accessories . They also always play great music whilst i'm browsing- the atmosphere is fab.  Everyone should go there!

Sittin' on a bench out side BR and looking not so attractive, okay then.

My twinny standing out-side a cute shop looking all street-style-esque

Me standing out-side another cute shop! We love cute shops!!

Mummy and twinny being the tourist we are in somewhere in Central London!!

 My God I fancy London.

If you're getting me and my twin, Eloise, confused, I'm the one on the left look less aesthetically pleasing- really really bad. I'm really not very photogenic unfortunately. 

OKKKKKK so thanks for taking a view remember to make me feel loved and comment!!
And if you carry on viewing my blog you can see how my rubbish blogging skills progress! Hehehe
Helena xxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Brick Lane is definitely somewhere I'm planning on visiting when I next go to London. I was always see such cool items from Beyond Retro on other bloggers xx


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