Thursday, 30 August 2012


Ummmmmmm.... So this post is probably one of the most random, especially as it is quarter past eleven at night (Way past my bed time!!) at this very moment.
So yep I got a bit bored and thought, 'Why not share my INCREDIBLE 'gifs' with the few, beautiful, people that read my blog'. Please don't stop reading my blog because of this pointless post, it will get better!    I hope. 
My cat missy- she's gorgeous but doesn't like photos, she likes mice......

I'm holding a basket ball because it looks kinda kooky. I'm joking, it look ridiculous.

Posing at the beaut Kew Gardens babyyy!

My cousin thinks she's funny.

 I also think I'm funny.

Hope you enjoyed and for me, good night beauties.
Helena xxxx

Monday, 27 August 2012

Denim, Hooters and flatforms.


Hello! So if anyone is wondering (I assume no one is but shall use this obvious and tedious sentence starter any way) as to why I have been posting a lot, it is because I haven't had a lot to do... Basically it's that time of the six week holiday where you realize how long six weeks is, and how stupidly you've handled your money to cover the long weeks. So blogging Has become my new day filler, plus I really, really enjoy it. To be frank I'm not even that concerned that hardly any one views it. It's just enjoyable and fun. 

Carrying on. WHO LIKES MY NEWBACKGROUND?! Lets just say with the power of the long lived programme 'Paint' anything is possible, plus being able to create one of those 'Gif' thingy's also helps. 

Now I am actually going to type something to do with the topic of this post.. incredible I know!! So this is my second outfit post, and I believe this outfit is more in-keeping with my personal style. My last outfit post was a little boring and because it was my first I think played it too safe. Although I'm not saying this is a very risky outfit. I like it because it's not too girly, nor is it a depressing, grungy outfit.

The shorts, from H&M, are a chic touch whilst the rest of the outfit is very casual. The Jacket is a recent purchase, from Beyond Retro, and something I've wanted for ages because of the effect it can give to a boring outfit and it's also very practical for a British summer! The Top was a gift from my cousin, who has just returned from an American exchange in Tennessee, Nashville. I kind of love Hooters tops, they're fun yet still make a really cool outfit and who cares if the girls that work there are, lets say, distasteful! I now have a Miami round neck Hooters jumper and the top i'm wearing... I'm thinking of collecting. Finally the 'Flat-forms' are also a recent purchase. From River Island, they are brilliant and although they look very similar to the popular 'Vans' the platform, or 'flat-form' give it some edge and are also very flattering to my ugly legs!!

Sorry about the effect on the white, especially my shoes. Oh and some of my strange poses, not sure what was going through my head when I did them. But thank-you for viewing.
Please comment!
Helena xxxxx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Brick Lane

I love you.

Heyyyyya. So for the last couple of weeks I've been doing a bit of of this and that. Clearly I've been to Brick Lane, or I just decided to write Brick Lane for laffs???? No. Here are a few snappieeees......Not just in Brick Lane

 Beyond Retro is my favorite vintage clothing shop. I've been to the one in Brighton and Brick Lane- obvs and both have so much to offer, with such a  variety of clothes and accessories . They also always play great music whilst i'm browsing- the atmosphere is fab.  Everyone should go there!

Sittin' on a bench out side BR and looking not so attractive, okay then.

My twinny standing out-side a cute shop looking all street-style-esque

Me standing out-side another cute shop! We love cute shops!!

Mummy and twinny being the tourist we are in somewhere in Central London!!

 My God I fancy London.

If you're getting me and my twin, Eloise, confused, I'm the one on the left look less aesthetically pleasing- really really bad. I'm really not very photogenic unfortunately. 

OKKKKKK so thanks for taking a view remember to make me feel loved and comment!!
And if you carry on viewing my blog you can see how my rubbish blogging skills progress! Hehehe
Helena xxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 18 August 2012


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Helena xoxoxo

Sunday, 12 August 2012


I am an avid cake maker. And have been forever. I used to love making cakes with my mum! Although, I didn't do much making, more licking the bowl. But I always loved the final out-come of a cake and how it starts as slop and turns into a beautiful sponge! Now I make cakes at least once a week and genuinely find it really therapeutic. I love listening to Radio 1 whilst baking.

Anyway. I have recently purchased some piping to ice my cakes with and yesterday I gave them a go! I found them quite difficult to use so I will need to carry on practicing until my cakes are perfect! Here is the cake with the best outcome.

 I also thoroughly recommend this baking recipe book by Lorraine Pascal called 'Baking Made Easy'. I received it as a gift but i'm sure they sell it in shops such WHsmiths and super markets etc. It is definitely baking made easy and I love it. It's great for trying recipes you've never made before.
As always thank-you for viewing and comments are welcome!
Helena xoxoxoxo

Saturday, 11 August 2012

One summer day

I have recently arrived home from what I would describe as a brilliant and hilarious holiday in Portugal. I went with my twin sister, Eloise, my best friend, Holly, and her parents. The majority of the time we stared at very good looking boys.. I mean people watched and lounged by the pool.

 I would like to share with you my very first 'what I'm wearing' post. I have gone with a simple look but in keeping with my style- a hint of grunge with vintage accessories here and there and staple pieces.  This for me is a casual summer outfit- maybe not with the socks but I wanted to add a little twist so it's not boring. 
I don't have the confidence to be daring so adding little things like the socks help me  create a more unique style. As I grow up and start blogging more outfit posts I hope my style evolves into something bolder and more daring and I become more confident in the outfits I wear or want to wear. But for now I shall carry on creating outfits I might not necessarily wear out but still love to wear around the house!

Cross pattern shot sleeve Top-Topshop
High waisted shorts- New Look
Brogue wedges- A shop in Brighton Lanes which I don't know!
Round vintage style sunglasses- H&M
Socks- also New Look
Ring- Found in a stall whilst at a charity cricket match

Thank-you for viewing! Comments are appreciated. 
Helena xoxox

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What I've been up to...

My dad has finally bought myself and sister, Eloise, a laptop each, which I am very pleased with! I can upload photos onto my blog which I'm very excited about as I, hopefully, it will mean I do regular outfit posts. 
But for now as i can upload photos I have to decided to share some of the events through out this year!

Jubilee Street Party

French trip with the school

A trip to London

A weekend in London and the...OLYPMPICS!

 Entering the Olympic Park...

 The famous stadium

The hockey outdoor arena

I hope you enjoyed these random photos. I shall be posting again in, probably, just over a weeks time to share with you my holiday photos in Portugal. I'm going tomorrow! But for now I shall enjoy the men's gymnastic. I'm a little bit obsessed with anything to do with the Olympics since being there. It's an incredible atmosphere and an amazing experience which I shall remember forever. And the park is really lovely. I feel so fortunate to have gone. Any comments or opinions are welcome as always.
Helena xxxxxx