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Here a essay/article based on how the media teenagers.

Meddling Media
affects body
 conscious teens

One thing all teenagers have in common is that they are obsessed by their image. Too fat, horrible hair, spots, chubby, too pale. These are just some of the shocking descriptions that enter into teenagers minds when looking in a mirror. But where does the problem lie?I believe it’s the forceful industry called THE MEDIA. Magazines, celebrities, music videos and size zero models all combined into one create the media and the affects of our paranoid teens. So if this issue is so worrying and such a battle then it shouldn’t surprise you that on the ‘About.com’ website it states that the average model is 25% thinner than the average women. That’s right a whole 25%. And these bony, distressed looking models are seen as the norm to most teenagers, the right way to look.Teenagers are constantly presented with photos of celebrities like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Zach Efron, showing them the ‘perfect body’ and instantly teens agree. But the worst part is they feel they must punish themselves into unhealthy and obscene diets to look like them. What they don’t realise is what fortunate celebrities have to achieve these impossible appearances. For example celebrities have personal trainers, a regular use of Botox and an airbrush, used for photos that transform celebrities to look better than anyone else ever could. It’s impossible beauty that teenagers are pushing themselves to have. It is not only teenagers and women that are being affected. ‘Teen Health’ website has shown that 80% of children as young as 10 are concerned about being fat, surely this can only be from what they have been exposed to on TV?Another outrageous, yet true, statistic also from the ‘Teen Health’ website confirms that ‘90% of girls aged 15 to 17 years would consider changing at least one part of their appearance’. Children and teenagers that have been uncovered to a lot of undignified media show that this is a key cause for their worries.      But why focus on just women? Well a stat from The National institute of Media and Family indicates that while just 3% of adverts aimed at men are based on beauty, a huge 56% of adverts aimed at women show beauty as the main focus. Therefore this forces woman to become influenced by what the media thinks is the correct way to look and more importantly how they are supposed to look. Text Box: Here Reality star Kim Kardashian shows off her body in a figure hugging body con dress. These images reflect the bodies teens are risking their health to achieve. Others may say that teenagers being so self conscious over their appearance aren’t caused by the media. Why? Well on the ‘Life Style plus Centre’ website it shares the view that ‘Peers can often convince teens they should look a certain way’. But what is that ‘certain way’ and more specifically where does it come from? Quite quickly you can depict from that extract that the media is where it comes from. This is because we already know teenagers are bombarded by reality shows and glossy magazines. Where else would they know what that certain look is? It would seem the media is the main cause for low self esteem in teenagers. And other influences such as peer pressure are just another add on to the issue.

 As a body conscious teenager myself I am a prime example of the teens I have been discussing. Medically I’m not overweight, but when I turn on the T.V and see Rhianna performing in skimpy clothing that’s exactly how I feel. This is because people talk about, pop star, Rhiannas figure and appearance so positively. I then brainwash myself into thinking I’m absolutely the opposite her- she’s a worldwide famous superstar and I’m absolutely not. And I am then left with the feeling no one could ever describe my appearance positively, but only negatively. On ‘The Spinny Press’ website it shares a survey which presents that ‘Concern about how their (teenagers) body looks is now the biggest worry for the nation’s 11-24 year olds’. Have you ever considered this is how a whole generation of, pressure overloaded, teenagers are feeling? Maybe then it feels like a big deal, something that needs solving, and not just soon now.  Teenage boys are also being victimised by the media. Magazines like Men’s Health enhance the pressure on boys to be toned and masculine. The models included in Men’s Health have unrealistic and idyllic bodies that teenage boys want themselves. They see the models as the attractive way to look. But for growing teenage boys it is unhealthy and even dangerous to try and achieve that kind of physique. The pressure for boys has intensified immensely. In an article by Dr. Brian McDonald on the ‘Family Anatomy’ website he shares an unhealthy and worrying statistic that ‘7 and 11% of school boys have used steroids at some point to increase muscle size and tone’.  This can only prove the pressure boys feel. Also if boys are regularly going to the gym and using weights this could indicate that they are either trying to get fit or another strong reason could be they are also be unsatisfied with their appearance and could be pushing themselves at the gym to improve their overall appearance. Surely this underlines the impact the media has on boys, not just girls, and the lengths they’ll go to achieve and maintain a perfect body, because the media suggests this is what will attract girls, also an important issue to male teenagers.
  It is certain the media needs to stop advocating such unhealthy, unrealistic and dangerous bodies to girls and boys. Unless this stops me and other teenagers will spend our lives worrying about what people think, whether we look ‘normal’ or different from everybody else. We will never be able to venture into a potential successful career if we are always self conscious and unconfident about the way we look and present our-selves to others around us.What the media is doing is discriminating people that are less fortunate and cannot afford the things celebrities can to achieve the appearances they have. They are also discriminating people with regular figures, perceiving them as unattractive and ugly, but what the media is doing is ugly. 
I'd love some feedback/opinons and even criticism! 
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