Sunday, 24 June 2012

The races!

Hello just a little post today of my weekend! 
Well I wasn't particularly busy but on Friday, as you can tell by the title, I went to Good Wood to watch the races. I even made some bets on three different races, okay so my mum did as obviously i'm underage. But any way one of my horses came 2nd and my other  horse came 1st! That horse was called Russian Rave and I shall love it forever... It was a happy moment for me. Altogether I won about £15 and  I was feeling pretty rich... 
After the races had finished there was a DJ called Mike Skinner who is or was, i'm not sure, from the band called The Streets, most famous for the song 'Dry your eyes out'. So not exactly A-list but we still had fun and danced away!
By the time it had ended are feet ached from are shoes so we looked a bit crazy walking and wining, from the pain, back to the car. 

Just a few photos that I look hideous in! I was wearing a blazer from a charity shop, blouse from H&M and jeans from Topshop.
Thanks for reading a not so small post 
Helena xxx
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  1. you girls look amazing!


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  3. love the colour of you jeans! x

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