Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Hiyaaa! So I know i rarely post but today I am! For quite a few weeks now I have had, what seems to be called 'bloggers block'. Basically I've had nothing to blog about! But then I had a brain wave, 'Why not just write about your absolute idol'.. and her fabulous collection, well in my very humble opinion anyway.
So, today I shall be writing about the beautiful Whitney Port!


Because I don't want to sound shallow I shall be talking about her most recent collection as shown at NYFW, one day I shall attend her shows!
Her collection is very pretty, using mainly pastel colors such as pink and purple. As soon as you look at her collection you know it's for summer. This is because they clothes look very light, comfy and easy wearing.
                                                     This 'sweater' looks like a very easy wearing top to wear for a summer evening and the metallic touch adds sparkle and glamour to it without being too over the top. The pastel shorts are just stunning and although it is hard to see on this photo but there are floral patterns on the shorts in gorgeous pastel tones, the shorts scream happiness and summer and look ever so easy and comfy to wear, which is perfect for holidays to hot countries, but maybe not Britain!! The simple jumper and summery shorts compliment each other nicely and almost blend in together. For my personal style I would add a leather jacket and ray bans to contrast a soft look with some rocker vibessss!

The only things I would say I have against some of her collections is that for me they're not striking enough and are a bit samey, but none the less I still feel Whitney is a massive inspiration to me!
Comments are welcome!
Helena xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I love Whitney Port too! Been following her since the Hills :)


  2. Same! Because of them I dream of doing an internship :) your blogs great by the way x

  3. Love your blog and I agree Whitney Port is AMAZING! I'm following your blog now keep up the good work...
    Love Coco x x x


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