Monday, 6 February 2012

Hello. today I shall post about myself, how self centered of me! Any basically there's not much to know,I live in the, very rarely, sunny south east of England and I love it because I live a an hour and a half drive away from London and ten minutes away from the beach! Also i live a bout 40 minutes away from Brighton, my favorite city ever! 
I have a twin sister and an older brother. My dads Australian! Which I love and my mum is English and the best. 
My main goal in life is to be successful in fashion, and that doesn't mean I want to be a 'fashion designer'. I'd love to work in the editorial side of fashion- working in a successful magazine would be amazing. But I would also love to go travelling to Australia to see my family and to Thailand and Fiji!
Another one of my many goals is to live in New York, but I can't work out if that's dreaming to big is but from what I can tell from the movies and ' The City' featruing a style icon of mine- Whitney Port, is that in the world of fashion it looks like the most influential cities you could go to and the views look breath taking- everything about it just perfect for the life I want to live. 

Here are some photos of myself:

  Here I am in a dress from New look posing rather alot!!

 In this photo I am wearing a knitted jumper from Tesco- for just £20, bargaaaaain. My scarf is vintage from Beyond retro and my shorts are boyfriend style from Topshop.

 Thankyou for reading, i'm sorry i'm not very intresting, please subscribe and comment to know i actually have people viewing this shit! I much prefer doing long and less frequent posts, so for now it shall stay this way. Bye bye much love Helena! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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