Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hello.Okay so I haven't posted in ages as I have been ill and haven't had anything to post about! 
But today I am still off from school so i'm going to tell you all about my favorite magazine, Company!
Company is A magazine that includes a lot of pages on fashion- which obviously I love, they mainly do high-street which is so much better for me as obviously I don't  have a proper income. They also include a lot of information on careers, and yes I am young, but it gives me great inspiration for the future as a lot of the careers they talk about are in fashion and it's really helpful for me personally. 

Recently they have changed the layout creating this wonderful magazine with, I might add, beautiful paper and makes it even better to read! This issue has one of my absolute style icons, for her impeccable taste and down to earth personality, Alexa Chung. And I was so happy to see she was on the cover. 

Another reason I love this magazine is for the value. As you can see at just two pounds you get a really good quality magazine with decent stories and not a trashy magazine rambling on about  celebrity alcohol troubles and non existent marriage issues.

By the way I am not selling this magazine I genuinely love it and my goal is to one day work in the fashion side of Company, I have even sent them an email applying for work experience.

I probably rambled on a bit there but I hope you enjoyed my view on Company magazine.
                                                        Please comment on your opinions of my blog!
                                                       Helena xxxxxxxx

PS. here is the link to company magazines website

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